Political Memes

Let's face it, these guys and gals are just targets for funny political memes! Save em' collect 'em. Share them with family and friends. They'll be glad you did! Just add water, makes its own sauce!

dummy trump covfefe

rage against the machines

Trump's Polling Numbers

Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton

dump trump

Dump trump

Hillary dove

Jellyfish no brains trump supporters

Les is Less CBS Ratings

trump embodies everything the GOP stands for

Palin Gotcha

I know words Trump

Vanilla Ice for president

Make America Migrate

You may be a redneck - Trump

Morning joe trump bad guys

Disney world Obama

Scumbag Christian

Scumbag Student

Almost Politically Correct

Douchebag Darrell

Two Faced Obama


I Have a Dream Martin Luthor King speech

Obama Ordering a Pizza

Crazy Sarah Palin

Trump and palin stupid together

Ordinary Muslim Man

The dark side

orange trump